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We design and construct well drilling and well trenches using the latest technology.

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Marushin Aramatagumi Co., Ltd. is based in Sapporo City, and works in Niseko + all of Hokkaido (Sapporo City, Hakodate City, Asahikawa City, Kushiro City, Chitose City, Obihiro City, Kitami City, Obihiro City, etc.), including drilling and well drilling. We are a specialist in excavation work for underground water, hot springs, etc. Our experienced staff utilizes the latest equipment and technology to carry out construction that meets the needs of our customers.

In particular, when drilling wells or digging wells, we thoroughly investigate the quality and quantity of groundwater, ground conditions, etc., and set the optimal depth and scale before proceeding with the work. We also focus on post-construction follow-up and respond quickly to any problems that may arise. This time, we will introduce the process and costs of well drilling and well digging. I would be happy if you could refer to it.

What is Sakui?


"Well drilling" refers to the work of drilling a well to draw groundwater from underground. It is mainly used in agriculture and industry, where water is required.

Drilling a well requires specialized equipment and techniques, and is carried out by a professional contractor. The depth of excavation and diameter of the well are determined by the pump used and the groundwater flow rate. Additionally, the difficulty and cost of excavation will vary depending on the ground conditions and geological structure. Well drilling includes not only the drilling of a well, but also pump installation and piping work. Groundwater is a precious resource, and the process requires precise planning and technical skill.

If done in the right way, groundwater can be utilized in fields such as agriculture and industry.


About the flow of drilling work


We investigate the topography, ground, groundwater level, well depth and diameter, and create a drilling plan. Also, consider the purpose of the well and the pump that will be used.

② Reinforcement: Installing reinforcing materials inside the well will prevent the well from collapsing.


③Pump installation

Install the pump inside the well. Pumps draw groundwater and send it through pipes to where it is needed.


④Plumbing work

Plumbing work will be carried out to utilize the water pumped from the well. The type, diameter, and installation method of piping are determined depending on the pump and water volume used.


⑤Operation and management

Correct operation and proper management of wells allows efficient use of groundwater.


In this way, well drilling is a series of work aimed at utilizing groundwater, and includes everything from surveying to well installation, pump installation, and piping work. Although accurate planning and technical skills are required, groundwater can be utilized if the appropriate steps are followed.

About construction period


The construction period for well drilling varies depending on the depth and diameter of the well, the condition of the ground, etc., but generally it takes a few days1< It is estimated that a period of about 2> weeks is required. However, if the excavation depth is deep or the ground conditions are poor, a longer period of time may be required.


The construction period will include not only drilling the well, but also reinforcing the inside of the well, installing a pump, and piping work, so it will take several weeks to complete all the work.1 months may be required. In addition, the construction period may change depending on weather and work schedules, so it is necessary to confirm the exact construction period directly with the construction contractor.


Furthermore, since drilling is work to utilize groundwater, maintenance within the well is still required. By managing and maintaining wells, groundwater can be used for a long period of time.


Regarding drilling work and usage of groundwater

Groundwater pumped up from wells drilled through drilling can be used in a variety of ways. Below are some typical uses.


①Domestic water

Well water is used for domestic purposes such as at home and in agriculture. Because underground water is used without passing through a water treatment plant, the water quality is relatively good and can be used as drinking water.


②Agricultural water

In agriculture, well water is used for irrigation and water management of rice fields. Well water also plays an important role in effectively utilizing local water resources.


③Industrial water

Well water may also be used in industrial fields such as factories. Groundwater can provide a stable amount of water and is cheaper than tap water, contributing to cost reduction.


④Stored water in case of disaster

When a disaster such as an earthquake or typhoon occurs, water supply may be interrupted due to water pipes breaking. By stockpiling well water, you can use water with confidence even in the event of a disaster.

As mentioned above, water from wells drilled through well drilling is used in a variety of fields, including daily life, industry, and emergency preparedness.

What is the average cost for drilling wells and wells in Niseko?

The cost of drilling a well in Niseko varies depending on the depth and diameter of the well, the condition of the ground, the use of well water, etc., but generally falls within the following price range:
Shallow well of 10m
Approximately 300,000 yen to 500,000 yen
20mdeep well
Approximately 500,000 yen to 800,000 yen
30mdeep well
Approximately 800,000 yen to 1,000,000 yen

However, drilling a well involves various steps, and in addition to excavation, it also requires pump installation, piping work, and reinforcement of the inside of the well, so costs may vary depending on these tasks. Additionally, higher costs may be required if the ground is in poor condition or the depth of excavation is deep.

As described above, the cost of drilling a well varies depending on various factors, so for accurate costs, it is necessary to request a quote from a drilling contractor. By getting multiple estimates, you can get an idea of ​​the appropriate price range.

If you are in this type of industry, please feel free to contact us!


Well drilling may be required in the following industries and applications:


In agriculture, wells are required for irrigation and water management of rice fields. Although there are restrictions on the amount of groundwater that can be taken, it is possible to use groundwater by digging wells.

②Construction industry

Groundwater can be a nuisance when working at a construction site. In such cases, removing groundwater by digging a well will help the work proceed more smoothly.

③Water industry

In some areas, well water may be the source of water. For this reason, water companies may dig wells and purify the well water for use.

④Private home

Even in private homes, people sometimes use well water for their daily living. If it is difficult to install water pipes, or to save money on water bills, a well may be dug.



Wells may be dug in places where water is needed, such as tourist spots, campgrounds, and fishing ponds. Some local governments also dig wells for disaster prevention purposes.

As mentioned above, well digging is required in a variety of industries and applications.

For drilling work and wells, leave it to Marushin Aramata Gumi Co., Ltd.!

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Marushin Aramata-gumi Co., Ltd. is a specialist in drilling wells, wells, groundwater snow melting tanks, and hot spring mining. Of course, we also undertake the drilling work and well trenching that we introduced this time. Please feel free to contact us by phone or inquiry! We hope to continue to support the lives of everyone living in Sapporo!

Q&A "Frequently Asked Questions"


How deep is the drilling work?

Depth varies depending on ground conditions, water level height, usage, etc., but generally it is 10m or more. Depth is often required.

What diameter does the well need?

The diameter is required for pump installation and maintenance, but generally ranges from30cm is required.

Is it necessary to test the quality of well water?

The quality of well water varies from person to person, but it may contain bacteria and viruses that can cause illness. Therefore, it is recommended to periodically test the water quality.

Is a ground survey necessary to dig a well?

By conducting a ground survey before digging a well, you can determine the condition of the ground and the location of groundwater. Ground investigation may be necessary, especially when digging deep wells or when the ground is unstable.

Does the well require maintenance?

Sediment and mold can form inside the well, which can affect water quality and pump efficiency. Therefore, regular maintenance may be required.